As a layout editor on the Creators Collective Edition Team, I worked to develop print magazine layouts to showcase student work. Over the course of two terms, I created a variety of different layouts which would eventually be sent for two seperate publications.


Since our team included more than 10 members, the first thing we started the term off with was a group brainstorming session. The identity of the Edition varies from term to term, and aside from incorporating the basic branding that ties it back to Creators Collective, we're free to make whatever we want.

For Fall 2020, I began by assembling some inspiration that encapsulated the visual style that I wanted to emulate.


Key Art

After the team met to consolidate our brainstorming, we decided on a visual style and choose some key visual elements that we wanted to incorporate. We also chose several visual thematic cues from the Edition's name, UNITY. After, we broke off to work individually on key art that we could for the direction of the rest of the publication.

I juxtaposed a wide sans-serif font and a thin serif font on my cover to create visual contrast and evoke a feeling of being simultaneously split and whole, as we wanted the UNITY theme to reflect something about the pandemic and the way remote work changed the world (and our learning).

I also worked in digital elements around the frames and background of the page to blur the line between physical and digital mediums (this was intended for print), and create a sense of unity between the two.


Next Steps

Although we didn't end up using my designs as the key art for the Fall 2020 Edition, I learned some valuable things about print design and my designs. One; avoid overly thin lines (which either don't show up or fade in/out), two; develop more than the basic one-page layouts and work on achieving a "design system" with elements or ideas that can be re-used across multi-page spreads.

In the future, I'm excited to keep working on page layouts for print publications and looking forward to continuing to push the fold in my designs. For now, check out the finalized publication at Creators Collective! (I worked on pages 21, 22, 32 and 39)


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